With representation throughout Brazil and abroad, the firmprovides extensive assistance to Brazilian and foreign clients with demands connected either directly or indirectly, to more than one country.

A solid understanding of civil law and common law systems alike, together with daily participation at international fora, ensure every international issue is handled with technique and ease, carefully bearing in mind the particulars of each jurisdiction.

Be it litigating or counselling, the firm is ever present in the solution of individual and corporate matters as well as of matters of State and trade blocs.

Assistance to individuals covers issues of international succession, marriage, divorce and family relocation. Matters involving minors are particularly recurrent, especially in cases of international child abduction within the scope of the 1980 Hague Convention. The firm also provides assistance to expats working/living in Brazil.

In the corporate field, Nadia de Araujo Advogados assists in the negotiation and drafting of international contracts, as well as in the analysis as to the convenience and legal consequences of choosing the law applicable to the substance of a dispute and the competent forum.

The firm is also well equipped to handle comparative law and to assess the implications of international treaties in the businesses of its clients. The firm provides advice through memoranda, technical reports, affidavits submitted to courts and arbitral tribunals and bytestimony of partner Nadia de Araujo as expert witness.

In the field of international commerce, the firm deals with privately regulated businesses (import, export, insurance, joint ventures) as well as businesses subject to the rules of the WTO or carried out in accordance with trade blocs’ regulation, especially Mercosur.

The firm provides legal assistance in matters related to civil and criminal proceedings carried out in Brazil or abroad, in which international judicial cooperation and interface with central authorities play a leading role. The firm is also well equipped to file lawsuits for the recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions and for processing letters rogatory before the Superior Court of Justice and subsequently before Federal Courts.